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Alberta Central

From Roaring Rivers
to Lazy Lakes!

Alberta Central is home to several large rivers such as the North Saskatchewan River, the Athabasca River, the Red Deer River and the Battle River. These rivers are great for your fishing experience. Many guiding companies will bring you to their best spots on these and other rivers. The lakes in Alberta Central vary greatly in size from the larger Cold Lake and Lac La Biche Lakes to the mid size Moose Lake, Gull Lake, Buffalo Lake and Chip Lake. These are just a few of the hundreds of fishing spots just waiting for you.

For information on the Lakes and Rivers in Alberta Central
or call an Alberta Specialist at 1-800-ALBERTA
Alberta Central

Lac La Biche

Beaches, Boats & BBQs!

With 150 lakes the Lac La Biche Region is an anglers dream all within 2.5 hours of Edmonton. Whether you're taking on a feisty Walleye or hooking a huge Northern Pike, the fishing is unrivaled anywhere in the province. Try the small coves and deep troughs of Beaver Lake or for those seeking a more rugged experience and want to get off the beaten path head into the back country and drop your line in Pinehurst or Touchwood. Whatever your fancy, one of the lakes in the region is sure to satisfy your hunger for a successful day of fishing.

For more information:
Toll free 1-877-623-9696

Cold Lake


Cold Lake is the seventh largest lake in Alberta with the biggest inland marina in western Canada. What more can you ask for? GREAT fishing! Oh, we have that too.

Fish off the shore, take out your boat or charter one, maybe even drive to your winter hot spot, anyway you do it, you'll be fishing!

Stay at one of our many hotels, Bed & Breakfasts or spend a night in a campground by the lake.

Come spend a few days with us and you'll soon realize you want to come back for more!

For more information on
Cold Lake:

Phone: 800-840-6140


Reel 'em in with ease! The Municipal District of Bonnyville is a fisherman's dream location. Put your line out for Walleye, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch, or a good sized Lake Trout. We offer incredible fishing opportunities on a multitude of lakes. The M.D. operates nine campgrounds on eight lakes - from back country camping to full service. There are huge, deep lakes - Cold Lake - and small, shallow lakes - Minnie Lake - each providing a unique outdoor experience. There are plenty of sandy beaches and abundant recreational opportunities - so plan to relax and stay awhile.

For more information on the
Municipal District of Bonnyville:

Toll Free 1-888-866-3171

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